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Fly & Dine Promotion


1. 午市限定免費飲品

2. Happy Hour 全單65折

3. 晚市全單88折,另送上免費是日先付


Show your flight/ cruise tickets to enjoy a wide range of offers.


1. Free drink at lunch

2. 35% off at Happy Hour

3. Enjoy 12% off for dinner and get a free appetizer

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1) 只適用於堂食消費

2) 有效期至另行通知

3) 贈送之午市套餐為帳單上價格最低之套餐

4) Happy Hour優惠只適用於下午7時或前結帳並離座之帳單

5) 須於入座時及付款前出示機票/船票

6) 不適用於加一服務費

7) 不可與其他優惠同時使用

8) 和藏居酒屋保留隨時暫停、更改或終止是次推廣及有關優惠之權利,


9) 如有任何爭議,和藏居酒屋將保留最終決定權


1) Only applicable to dine-in consumptions

2) Valid until further notice

3) The free lunch set will be the lowest priced lunch set on the bill

4) Customers must settle payment and return the table by 7pm to enjoy

the Happy Hour offer

5) Please present a flight/ferry ticket upon seated and payment to enjoy the offer

6) Not applicable to 10% service charge

7) Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers

8) Wakura Izakaya reserves the right of final decision including suspension, modification and discontinue of this offer at any time without prior notice

9) In case of any disputes, Wakura Izakaya reserves the right of final decision

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