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Located in the heart of Sheung Wan, Wakura Izakaya has officially opened its doors to bring a taste of the Japanese izakaya cuisine to the neighbourhood. Wakura Izakaya is staffed with a team of professional, experienced chefs using only the finest ingredients to fuse traditional and contemporary elements into a menu brimming with creativity. Diners can enjoy a variety of deep-fried dishes, barbecue snacks and seafood, paired with wine and sake to bring out the best of the restaurant’s exquisite flavours. With a glass cabinet displaying sea urchin and other seafood boasting freshness reminiscent of auction markets in Japan, diners of Wakura Izakaya can be assured that they are served the cream of the crop. Whether you are looking to mark a special occasion or simply enjoy a casual catch-up meal with friends, Wakura Izakaya will not disappoint.


Wakura Izakaya’s minimalist, elegant use of wood elements pays tribute to Japanese design concepts. In particular, the ceiling – featuring criss-crossing wooden panels – embodies the Japanese concept of “Kumu,” which relates to links and relationships between people and places. Wakura Izakaya’s Japanese designer said: “Our goal is to create a place that can establish a connection between the city and our diverse diners.” Diners of Wakura Izakaya can sit at the bar, where they can enjoy a front-row seat of the chefs in action, or by the windows. The VIP room can cater to between six and eight people, providing the intimacy and gathering you need for a small gathering.


Wakura Izakaya’s oval-shaped logo is inspired by the Edo-period “koban” coin held by the iconic Japanese figurine, “beckoning cat.” It symbolises opulence and quality, embodied by the chefs in the Wakura’s carefully curated and prepared Japanese cuisine.  Wakura Izakaya aims to give diners a taste of Japan in a commercial Hong Kong district where they can gather with friends, indulge in a traditional yet innovative Japanese fare and relax with a glass of sake.


Nestled in Connaught Marina, the new hub in the heart of Sheung Wan, Wakura Izakaya is near to the major transport networks. It just takes a few minutes to get there from Sai Ying Pun or Sheung Wan MTR station. For additional privacy, Wakura Izakaya provides an Instagrammable VIP room allowing intimacy and small gatherings.

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